My Sucessful Self Improvement Time after time, I tried this diet and that, to no avail. Vegetarian diets, the all meat diet, fasting, exercise, trying to focus on the problem was difficult. I had a wife and children, stressful jobs and self-worth issues. It wasn’t until I found out I was a diabetic, that I discovered an easy method that works. I read on the internet an article concerning diabetes and weights loss. It was so simple. It was recommended that one way to lose pounds effortlessly was to maintain a glucose level of near 90. It speeds up metabolism and burns more calories. It was working, when I was told that eating 6 mini meals a day would do the same. At last! A method of eating that speeds up metabolism and the weight just started falling off. i’ve dropped from a maxium of 262# down to about 200 (give or take a few) in the last 3 months. I have more energy, stamina and have become more interested in healthy living.

     Time after time I have tried to lose weight, to no avail.  I’ve tried vegetarian diets that left me craving meat. Then the Adkin’s Diet, but need to supplement necessary vitamins and minerals.  The list is long, but I had no lasting fat loss, only more frustration, that I naturally ate even more and gained more weight.  It had gotten to the point where I couldn’t cross my legs without the assistance of both hands. I couldn’t even put my socks on without a struggle to reach my feet.

     The more I gained, the more depressed I became, and the more I ate out of frustration.finally gave up. Eventually I got up to 262 pounds.  I hated to look in the mirror or have my picture taken.  I was ashamed of what I had become.  In desperation, after I found out I had diabetes, I looked to the internet for possible answers.

     I read where if I keep my glucose level around 90, I would burn more calories. Great!  I began working to keep at that level and it started working!  I later found out when I asked my doctor for something to help me lose fat.  He told me to eat 6 mini meals a day, which will speed up metabolism and help me lose.  I tried both together and was shocked.  I lost 62 pounds in just 3 months!  I was ecstatic!  It was so easy, so simple, so non restrictive.  I could eat anything I wanted (in moderation of course) and have had success, without the back sliding of the past.  Without the yo-you weight loss and gain.

     Today I don’t mind looking in the “man in the mirror” these days.  I feel better, have more energy and the best part of all, my friend said “You look 20 years younger”!  I had one of the best days ever after she that.