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Cockroach To Be Most Intelligent Creature On Earth?

In the dawn of civilization, we began burning trees for warmth and cooking. Over millennium, we chopped down more and more trees. In the rain forests of the world, we clear forests, sometimes burning many acres of trees to make places to grow foods in the rich soil. Not only polluting the air, but stripping entire sections of ground for our selfish wants and needs. Ignorant of the impact on the environment, we still continue the practice today in many underdeveloped countries.

We have made holes in the ozone, letting harmful rays of the sun to enter our atmosphere. We continue as though it didn’t matter. Our selfishness as to the well being of nature has caused some species to become extinct. Killing Do Do birds, baby fur seals for their pelts, whales for their rich blubber, minks, beavers and foxes to make expensive fur coats, to impress others with our wealth. Elephants, rhinos, sharks, tuna and many other resident of our planet are still sought for trophies so we can proudly hang their heads on our den wall as decorations. Moose, bears lions, tigers and lions for rugs, trophies and our prey on hunting expeditions, solely for bragging rights for killing defenseless animals with high powered weapons from a safe distance.

Strip mining for precious metals, coals, diamonds, rubies and other stones we place a value on, have left scars on the earth. There are also many other ways we have been destroying our atmosphere, rivers and lakes, with places like the Love Canal, Three Mile Island and other nuclear reactors have made the surround land no longer habitable. Underground tests have also made the land dangerous to live on.

Wars leave more destruction on a global level than nature ever could bombing places like Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan. Destroying forests with chemicals such as Agent Orange in Vietnam to defoliate trees in order to better slaughter our fellow man. Intentionally set fires have laid the land to waste in some areas.

What are we doing, and when will we stop destroying the Earth? At the rate we’re going, someday the common cockroach may be the most intelligent creature the planet.